Affiliate Programs and Back End Processing

First class service for our affiliates and their clients.

Let us take you on a tour of our affiliate program and back end processing. We strive to give our affiliates' clients the best customer service while and offering our affiliates the best payouts. Most affiliate programs offer smaller short term payouts that are much less overall. Our payouts are over a longer term, but are much larger than our competitors. For a company that's intent on growing and long term sustainability, our payouts make the most sense.
At the top of our list is our desire to have a strong and great working relationship with our partners. The two main ingredients that accomplish this, we believe, is saving your clients more money than the competition and paying our affiliates the highest split in the industry. The affiliate opportunity we offer is hands down superior to what our competitors are offer. The affiliate opportunities our competitors offer are designed around one thing. For them to make the most money, period.
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How our Affiliate Program Works

Start enjoying great payouts and first class service for you and your clients.

Inside the Affiliate Program

Nothing makes better business sense than a great partnership.

Our Affiliate Program

Our Affiliate Program

Our promise to you.

We are dedicated to giving you the very best affiliate program for processing and servicing your clients debt. Not only do we offer the best payouts in the industry, we will also treat your clients with nothing less than superior customer service.
We are also dedicated to being the best when it comes to settling your clients' debts. This means always making sure we're the best back end company in the industry. It's not enough for us to just treat your clients with incomparable service, we also want to save them the most money possible. This is what we call a win, win. Your clients are ecstatic about your service on the front end, and you are ecstatic about our servicing on the back end.
When it comes to choosing between affiliate programs, you don't want to compromise. The back end service provider you use will determine the retention of your clients. If you lose a high percentage of clients before the end of the program, this will have a big impact on not only your profit, but also your reputation and satisfactory rating.

Debt Processing

Debt Settlement Processing

What are your short term and long term goals?

Having short term and long term goals is a very important ingredient in growing your debt settlement company. Our processing strategy is designed to help you along the way. Whatever your company's short term or long term goals are, we have you covered. Think of the short term goals as small stepping stones that lead you to the summit. The summit being, of course, where you would like to see your business grow ultimately. But just like climbing a mountain, there are small calculated steps that allow you to get to the top. If you were to try and run all the way to the summit you would collapse from exhaustion. The same thing applies in growing your business. You have to take small calculated steps that will get you to your goal without growing so fast that the inner workings of your company or your client relations suffer along the way.
Our processing tactics offer support in all aspects of growing your business. Our success is directly connected to your success. No one understand this better than us.

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and affiliate/client call quality.

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Our Back End Service

Back End Service for Debt Settlement

What we are looking for in an affiliate.

The business partnership - Two separate entities or companies embarking on a joint venture. One handles the front end enrollment and the other handles the back end servicing. It sounds exciting because it is exciting. It's a sort of practical relationship between two companies coming together to reach a mutual goal, save borrowers who are struggling financially by means of debt settlement.
Growth is at the heart of any business partnership and reaching those goals should be exciting for both parties. Good partnerships make the companies joining together stronger, more viable and much more likely to reach their full potential. In the debt help industry, back end processing is a main factor of this success.
What we look for in our partners is no less than what we offer in return. We offer ethical business practices, non-confrontational relations and first class service. Just like you're looking for the right back end company to partner with, we're looking for the right front end companies to partner with.

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Method of Operation

We offer one type of affiliate program, the type where we do the full back end servicing for companies that do the entire front end. This allows us and our partners to be completely focused and dedicated to only one side of the process.
Multi-tasking between responsibilities is a good way to make the client experience worse, not better. Also, by adding purposeful multi-tasking to either side, both sides will become less efficient. This is why our affiliate program is designed to be a full blown back end service. This allows all of us to maintain great relations in this three partner dynamic: you, us and our clients. This also allows us to keep our cost low so we can offer you a better split than our competitors. Another benefit is that it also allows the client to save more than the industry standard.

We Also Provide Back End Servicing for Student Loan Debt

Back end processing for student loans

More than just credit card servicing.

One debt help market that has grown drastically is the need for student loan debt settlement processing. Like us, most debt processors offer back end processing for credit card debt, but not nearly as many offer processing for student loans. This is a major advantage for our affiliates. Not only is there a very big market that is virtually untapped but student loans typically have a debt amount much larger than the average credit card debt. This means that the profit made from enrolling a student loan is up to four times, or even more, than the profit made by enrolling credit card debt.

There are a lot articles out there about the struggle many graduates are having trying to pay off a mountain of student loan debt. This is not a new struggle for recent college graduates, but with education prices continuing to rise, and the amount of non-government backed private student loans increasing, it's become a financial burden too large to manage for an increasing number of borrowers.
As an all too real example, many of these recent graduates are facing paying back loans larger than the amount of their first home. Can you imagine? On top of it, these mountainous student loans do not typically have good interest rates. Talk about a double whammy and a financial burden that seems almost surreal. Our goal is to help you help those facing mountainous debt.