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Thank you for visiting us. We'd like to take this opportunity to explain our debt settlement affiliate program in more detail and show you how we can benefit your company.
Our debt settlement affiliate program and debt consolidation affiliate program are designed for companies that are currently in the debt settlement industry but are not receiving good servicing, a fair split or both from their current processor.


More about our Debt Settlement Affiliate Program

What Sets Our Debt Settlement Affiliate Program Apart From Others?


1. Our system is unique and effective

We use a proprietary bulk debt settlement processing system on the back end to get your clients the lowest negotiated settlements possible. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most important factors for maintaining high client retention. Your clients want to get results, and the better the results, the happier they will be.


2. Our customer service is unsurpassed

We will give your clients exceptional customer service from beginning to end. This is just as important as consolidating their debt into low settlement payments. A clients questions or concerns need to be answered or addressed professionally. Not doing so will lose clients. For this reason, our program goes beyond just back end servicing and places just as much emphasis on client relations. Even when a client isn't being courteous, our customer service reps must continue to be courteous. All of our customer service reps and management staff are professional and knowledgeable about all aspects of our service.


3. New marketing ideas

We help our affiliates with marketing strategies. If we only focused on debt settlement processing, we know we'd be selling ourselves and our affiliates short. We'll help you find the marketing platform and strategy that's best for you. Guiding these strategies will be the years of combined marketing knowledge we have in the debt settlement and debt consolidation industry. This is a free benefit of our program and has proven to be very effective in expanding the companies who currently partner with us.
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4. Learning the system

We will give you full training on the Debt Pay Pro system. This is the CRM we use and it works very well for us and our affiliates. Debt Pay Pros client relations software is truly a one stop solution for all back end and front end tasks. Even if you are not familiar with this system, we have no doubt that you'll be impressed. You will be able to use it for everything from payroll to client tracking to bulk emailing in html format.


5. Our relationship

We strive to maintain a friendly and professional relationship with our affiliates. This is overlooked by most debt settlement affiliate programs, yet so important to your ability to grow and thrive.
There's no doubt that partnerships can either be bad or good depending on the working relationship between the joined entities. No one understands this better than us. That's why we will be alongside you every step of the way and treat you with the utmost courtesy and professionalism while being intently focused on how you can expand your company, maintain great customer relations and improve retention.


Debt Settlement Affiliate Program
  • Percentage Share Program (Established debt settlement companies) 50%-70% affiliate share depending on enrollment volume.

    Debts that qualify include: $10,000 or more in credit card debt, $10,000 in unsecured bank loans, $10,000 in a combination of unsecured bank loans and credit card debt or $15,000 or more in private student loan debt.

Our program is a performance based pay structure. Two of the most significant pluses of this type of program is it's more enticing to perspective clients as well as FTC compliant. Clients know going in that they will get the results they want and that their debts will be settled. This assures a high client retention. A performance based program also protects against lawsuits based on trying to skirt around the FTC's final rule to protect consumers in credit card debt. This, among other reasons, makes an attorney based program a risky choice for debt settlement companies. The last thing you want are legal troubles at the federal or state level by not operating in compliance with the Federal Trade Commission.

Our affiliate program takes back end processing to new levels

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How our Affiliate Program Works

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Inside the Affiliate Program

Nothing makes better business sense than a great partnership.

A Debt Settlement Affiliate Program That Offers the Best in All Areas

Our Promise to our affiliates

Our Promise

At Debt Settlement Affiliates, we are dedicated to giving you the very best program for servicing your clients' debts. We truly offer the best commission in the industry. Our commission is a true and fair split, not a pay-per-lead referral split that a lot of other companies offer.


When it comes to customer service, we strive to be unsurpassed. This is an area that can't have too much emphasis placed on it. Without good customer service you will have much more client loss. Even if a lot of emphasis is placed on all the other important areas, they won't make up for bad customer service.


Another area we place a tremendous amount of emphasis on is giving your clients the most debt relief. We do this by making sure we're the best negotiation company in the industry with the best negotiators. This is what we call a win, win; your clients are ecstatic about your service on the front end, and you are ecstatic about our servicing on the back end.


One thing is for certain, you don't want to do is compromise when it comes to choosing an affiliate program. The program you choose will determine your client satisfactory and retention. Losing a high percentage of clients before the end of the program will greatly impact your profit as well as your reputation and satisfactory ratings.


We Offer One Type of Debt Settlement Back End Processing

More about our debt affiliate program
We offer debt settlement back end processing for companies that do the entire front end. Operating in this manner allows us and our partners to be completely focused and dedicated to only one side of the process. Why is this important? Because multi-tasking between responsibilities is a good way to make a clients experience worse, not better. By adding purposeful multi-tasking to either side, both sides become less efficient.


By not multi-tasking we can maintain great relations in this three partner dynamic, you, us and our clients. This also allows us to keep our cost low so we can offer you the best commission and save our clients more money.


Is Your Processor Giving You The Best Service?

Debt Settlement Back End Processor
The answer is more than likely no if you hesitated before answering. A back end processor is kind of like the inner workings of a computer. The person at the keyboard (the front end) doesn't want to have to worry about the tasks being fulfilled by the back end. This is a very similar description to the service a back end company does for the debt relief companies they service. Affiliates don't want to have to worry about the inner workings of the settlement process once a client is enrolled. Even more so, they want to feel confident their clients are receiving the very best back end processing once enrolled. Knowing they don't have to worry about this part of the process allows them to be fully focused on increasing sales, their marketing, and enrolling new clients.


We do debt settlement processing for credit card debt, private student loans, business debt and most other unsecured debts.
All credit card debts qualify for enrollment as well as most private student loans under our affiliate program. For business debts, the qualification is based on a creditor by creditor basis. Most unsecured bank loans, whether business or personal, qualify as well. We also operate in most states including California, New York and Texas.


We use only the best in client connectivity,

Kall 8

client processing,

Debt Pay Pro

client call quality.

Simple Phone


So.., what sets our debt settlement affiliate program apart from others? Everything... Everything from our back end processing to our exceptional customer service to our focused attention to our affiliates growth and profitability. We leave no stone upturned to help you grow and assures your longevity. All we ask from our affiliates is that you represent us and yourselves professionally and operate in an ethical manner. We do not want to partner with any debt settlement, debt consolidation or related companies that operate in any unethical manner such as strong arming clients to enroll, using deceptive descriptions of the settlement program or enrolling debts that do not qualify for enrollment.


The affiliate opportunity we offer is for established companies already in the debt settlement, debt consolidation or related industry.

If you are an upstanding debt settlement, debt consolidation, debt relief, debt management or debt negotiation company looking to join the best affiliate program, call us toll free. We would love to explain our affiliate program in more detail and answer any questions you have.