Let's talk partnership.

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Our affiliate program.

We offer one type of affiliate program, the type where we do the full back end servicing and processing for companies that do the entire front end. This allows us and our affiliates to be completely focused and dedicated to the service we're providing to our clients. Multi-tasking between services and responsibilities is a good way to make the client experience worse, not better. Also, by adding purposeful multi-tasking to either side, front end or back end, both sides will become more inefficient. This is why we only offer our affiliates a full blown back end service for their front end service. This allows all of us to maintain great relations in this three partner dynamic: you, us, and our clients. It also allows us and you to be completely client focused, keep our cost low so we can offer you a better affiliate split than our competitors, and allows the client to save more than the industry standard.

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We offer superior service and back end processing.

If there's one thing we don't mind bragging about, then that's the superior service and back end processing we give our affiliates and their clients. We would love the chance to show you exactly what we have to offer. The last thing we want for our business or our affiliate's business's is mediocrity. Sure we could have the attitude that this is all about the bottom line and nothing else, but we also know that the bottom line always grows when a business is focused on the things that truly matter. We focus on operating ethically, personable relationships with our affiliates, superior customer service to your clients, and securing the best settlements possible with your clients creditors. Call us today and see if we're a right match for each other. We do not use high pressure sales tactics. We don't feel we need to because, like we said before, we give superior service and back end processing to our affiliates and their clients.

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We do processing for more than just credit card debts.

One debt relief market that has grown drastically is the private student loan debt relief market. Like us, most debt processors offer back end processing for credit card debt, but not nearly as many offer back end processing for private student loans. This is a major advantage for our affiliates. Not only is there a very big market that is virtually untapped in comparison to credit card debts, private student loans typically have a debt amount two, three, even four times larger or more than the average credit card debt. This means that the profit our affiliates make from enrolling a private student loan is two, three, even four times or more than the profit they make on average by enrolling a credit card debt.

There are a lot articles out there about the struggle many graduates are having trying to pay off the mountain of private student loan debt they have. This is not a new struggle for recent college graduates, but with education prices continuing to rise, and the amount of non-government backed private student loans increasing, it's become a financial burden to large to manage for an increasing number. As an all too real example, many of these recent graduates are facing paying back a private student loan larger than the amount that their first home will cost. Can you imagine? On top of it, these mountainous private student loans are not usually going to have as good of interest rate as their home loan. Talk about a double whammy and a financial burden that seems almost surreal at a time in their lives that they should be realizing their dreams, not being unable to dream because of financial worry.